Brazilian Wax Training, Guyzilian or Male Bikini Wax Training, Brows and Full Body Wax Training available at Wax Cabana in Tampa, Florida.


Are you a licensed Esthetician or Beauty Professional? Would you like to add a treatment to your services to increase your income?  Well, you can learn how to do a Brazilian and or Guyzilian Wax in a 4 to 6 hour class by Loy Bouyer. Loy is a Licensed Esthetician and Owner of The Wax Cabana.

You MUST have received prior wax training where you have knowledge of general waxing protocols and standards of practice. This is an ADVANCED training session.

All wax classes emphasize proper technique for waxing. Some classes can be intense, as they cover sensitive waxing issues. You will learn how to deal with these situations, so you can perform this professional service with confidence. Your client will walk away feeling comfortable with what just happened. Once you build a clientele, they will be your most loyal repeat customers!

Who can attend:
This wax class is open to any licensed provider who is allowed to perform body waxing under his/her state licensing requirements or student with proof of current enrollment in good standing at an accredited beauty school. You MUST provide your license before class begins. You MUST schedule your class at least 2 to 4 weeks before the class date.

What will you learn?

  • How to make the client feel more at ease during intimate waxing

  • Proper way to wax loose skin

  • Proper way to wax older skin

  • Precautions necessary to take when doing a Brazilian and Guyzilian

  • Know the differences between Brazilian and Guyzilian techniques

  • How to wax Eyebrows: measurements etc.

  • How to make the procedure less painful for the client.

  • Different ways to position the client for the client’s comfort and ease during the procedure

  • Proper body mechanics – how to position your body to perform the wax procedure.

  • Proper way to communicate with your client – etiquette

  • How to wax each body part – how to pay attention to the different hair growth pattern in various parts of the body

  • How to prevent or lessen ingrown hair

  • Product knowledge e.g. for ingrown hair, numbing

  • Waxing do’s and don’ts

  • Proper sanitary procedures

  • What waxes to use [soft & hard]

  • What before and after products to use




Certificates will be issued to all licensed providers who complete the class.
You will know how to perform a Brazilian wax service after the class. Practice makes perfect.

Class Schedule for Training


All bookings will require copies of your professional license and insurance and required deposit when training is booked. You MUST schedule at least 2 to 4 weeks before the class date.