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Waxing lasts longer than shaving

Waxing makes your skin smooth because while it removes the hair from the root (not cut off the top like razors do), it also removes dead skin cells (exfoliates).


At Wax Cabana, there is no rush during your service. We take our time to ensure the job is done properly with as little discomfort as possible.


While we do not promise you absolutely pain-free experience, 99% of of our guests say it is better than what they had imagined.


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Help with Discomfort: We do carry a numbing cream that you can purchase and apply at least 30 minutes before your appointment. It helps you to tolerate the wax experience. Most people wax without using it, but it is available if you do need it.


Ingrown Hair: A small amount of people may get ingrown hairs, but with our technique this is lessened. We also have great products to address these issues.


Waxing is Less Irritating: Epilation, hair removal gels and creams commonly cause more irritation to skin than waxing. True, you may experience redness post-wax—but it usually subsides fairly quickly.

Laser hair removal? Not always an option for everyone. Factors like pain tolerance, cost and even skin tone can play a role. Laser hair removal also isn’t recommended for pregnant women and not possible for light hair color.



REFERRAL REWARDS: We appreciate your service. To show you our gratitude, we give $10 Cabana Dollars off each service of $40 or more to you and the persons you refer. Please ask about this when you come in for your next appointment.